The Light of the Moon

The Light of the Moon

“There is the brightest of lights within the darkest of skies.”  As I said this aloud to my yoga class on Monday night, with the intention to connect our awareness to the energy of the Supermoon that was glowing above, I stopped myself to contemplate what I just said aloud…”there is the brightest of lights within the darkest of skies.”  Surely this is what the world needs to not just hear in the moment, but truly trust, or at the very least, it is what I need to trust.  


The results of the election this week were hard to hear.  As a Canadian, living in the neighbouring nation, I think it is fair to say we were in dismay with the results.  I have tried over and over again to try practice empathy with everyone over the past week, particularly those living in the US.  I have been imagining how dark the world feels to some of them.  This practice of empathy of hard. The hardest it has been for me in my intentional practices and studies of empathy over the past 10 years.  What is it really like to be living in the US right now?  What is it really like to try to walk authentically through the streets of each state?   I have no idea.   I have been going through this over  and over in my head. I have put myself back in the streets of NYC and I have been imagining walking the streets as I did the year of Coaching for Transformation.  I imagine walking through them with a sense of connection and presence and yet I wonder if it feels more divided than ever.  I hear and have talked to my friends of whom have already been teased and taunted for who they are and I feel disheartened and depleted.  

It feels dark and as I repeated the words this evening, I was reminded of why I practice…to remember the light.  To remember that even on the darkest of nights, there is a moon and there are stars to shine bright.  Tonight, the moon is the closest to the earth as it has been in 70 years.  I can’t help but wonder if everything is in the right place at the right time to remind us of the light.  Mother Nature always has a way to help us and to heal.  Tonight, I believe she is close to us for a reason.  In the brightest of forms and the brightest of lights, dear Mother Nature is not just allowing us to feel her presence, but to see her too and inviting us to trust and love her, to trust and love each other and to trust and love ourselves.  The moon is a clear reflection of the light and the brightness that is within us all…sometimes it is so dark we cannot see it, not to mention feel it.  The events in the world this week have felt that way.  So dark it has been hard to see the light.  Thank you once again dear Mother Nature for showing up so close to us tonight, in the form of femininity to shine your brightest of lights in what seems like the darkest of times.  May we trust ourselves, may we trust each other and may we trust Mother Nature to help us trust  the light.

Leanne Whiting
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