The Art of Awakening

The Art of Awakening

The opportunity to awaken is readily available.  It is beyond getting out of bed when your alarm tells you it is time to wake up and begin your day.

Awakening is reoccurring and has the potential to happen now, and now, and now.  Each moment is an opportunity to awaken.  Waking up is a state that occurs after one is asleep.  Awaken is the action of waking up.  The art of waking up, is an art that requires presence, openness, and a willingness to explore what is possible, and is never not there.

Awakening is reoccurring.  It is not something that happens once.  It is a light bulb insight or idea, a new feeling or awareness, a body movement, a new connection, creating relationships…stepping out of the old and into the new.

Each day we wake up, we wake up to a new day.  Each time we Awaken, we awaken to a new possibility.  This is transformation, infinite and ever expanding.

Given that the art of awakening takes practice and patience, one of the best things you can do to awaken to something new that is true to yourself is to pause, to give space for awakening to happen, to listen, to trust your intuition, to retreat and step away from your daily habits, routines and relationships, to be open and to step into each moment with curiosity and love.  What are you awakening too right now?


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Leanne Whiting
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