Skilful Yogi

Mentoring Program

With Barrie Risman
Hosted in Halifax with Leanne Whiting

  • Are you a yoga teacher  who is ready to take your practice and teaching to a deeper level of skill and understanding?
  • Do you want to refine your teaching skills and advance your practice without committing to a costly and time-consuming training program?
  • Are you a recent graduate of a 200-hour training program with questions based on your real-life teaching experience?

The Skilful Yogi is an online mentoring program for yoga teachers of all traditions and styles to engage with your personal practice, explore the teachings of yoga and refine your teaching skills as part of stimulating and supportive learning community.

This online program format is accessible and convenient. You can work with the materials provided at your own pace and when it works for you. The program content is engaging and rich, providing a unique opportunity for your professional development as a yoga teacher.

Read more about why Barrie created this program here.

The Winter 2016 program is offered in three 4-week sessions that can be taken individually or as a complete 12-week program.

SESSION ONE: Engage with your Personal Practice

February 1 – 27

Explore alignment-based technique to unfold the intelligence of the body through optimal alignment and action in asana. Be supported to take your personal practice to the next level. Session includes:

  • Practice programs for backbend, inversions and restorative postures.
  • 3 practice sequences in 60 and 90-minute versions including written and recorded sequences.
  • Additional mini-sequences for more specialized work in poses.

SESSION TWO: Deepen Your Understanding of Tantric Wisdom

March 7 – April 1

Embark on a process of guided inquiry into the sublime teachings of the yoga tradition through study, discussion and personal contemplation. Explore how the teachings hold true for you and how to share them with students. Session includes:

  • Weekly discussion on key teachings of non-dual Tantra.
  • Readings and contemplation questions for reflection.
  • Online forum for asking questions, exploring key learnings and sharing insights.

SESSION THREE: Refine Your Teaching Skills 

May 16 – June 12

Make your teaching even more impactful and inspiring. Learn keys to effective and creative class planning as well as sequencing strategies for your classes and workshops. Session also includes:

  • Weekly discussion on teaching skills based on the group’s needs, but sure to include integrating yoga philosophy into teaching, effective instructions and more.
  • Teaching self-assessment and action plan.
  • Individual support for working toward your goals.

All 4-week sessions include:

  • Weekly live calls with Barrie. All calls are recorded and promptly uploaded onto our webpage so live participation is not required.
  • Weekly handouts and support materials
  • Online Forum for Q&A
  • Course materials and a study guide at the completion of the session for ongoing study.
  • In-person gatherings with Leanne Whiting Grow A Lotus Yoga
  • Access to all course materials for one year.