Youth & Yoga

Grow  A Lotus’  Yoga Youth & Yoga is a leadership program with the physical, mental and spiritual body as the foundation for self empowerment and community contribution.

Leadership & Empowerment

This unique mentorship provides youth ages 10-14 with practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, pranayama (breath awareness) and empathic communication.

Youth will gain the necessary skills to practice these tools for their personal development as well as gain the confidence to live, inspire and share with others in their world.


The Tree of Yoga

– Yoga philosophy, history & traditions
– Yoga asana (physical postures)
– Pranayama (breath techniques)
– Meditation & Mindfulness
– Living Yoga
– Daily practices

The Whole Self

– Chakras and the energetic body
– Empathic relationships & confident communication
– Conscious choices in food, health & wellness
– Decision making in alignment with personal values

BEing before DOing

– Presence
– Safety in poses
– Applying breath awareness, physical practice & mindfulness in moments of stress, anxiety & worry
– Finding space in a busy schedule
– Yoga Nidra

Anatomy of a Healthy Life

– Yamas & Niyamas
– Living Yoga as a daily practice
–  Practices on and off the mat

Program Details:

Ages: 10-14
Dates: July 18th – 22nd
Times: 9am – 3:30pm
Location: Grow A Lotus Yoga
Investment: $265 +hst

Bring Grow A Lotus to your school

Grow A Lotus would be thrilled to bring one of their professional instructors to your school.

Please contact us if you are interested in this program.