Kids Yoga


Family Holiday:  Yoga for you & Your Child

This class will a combination of story, movements, breath awareness, partner poses and games…most importantly it is an opportunity for you to have fun while creatively connecting together!

In addition, each family yoga class will incorporate a craft that inspires a sense of calmness and creativity.
In January, you will both have the opportunity to make your very own eye pillow infused with essential oils!

Date: Saturday, January 28th
Time: 1-2:30pm
Investment: $25

Yoga After School Programs

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Summer Yoga Camps

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WHEEL In-School Yoga Program

We are a non for profit association committed to empowering children with a consistent practice of yoga and meditation as a means to increase their levels of happiness, cultivate calmness and inner peace.

We teach children in elementary schools skills of body and mind awareness, empathic and compassionate communication, through the practices of yoga and meditation as a means to reduce stress, worry and anxiety and increase confidence, self-awareness and personal empowerment. Learn more

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