August 2015

I recently ran into someone that I have not seen in while.  Excited to see this individual, I immediately asked how they were doing.  They responded excitedly, “Good –  busy”, followed by a list of activities that were keeping them busy.  In my mind, as they were naming their busy list, I was already trying to formulate my own,  not actually listening to the items on their list as I don’t think I heard past summer bbqs, however, the list went on for a good minute that I was clearly not present to.

I caught myself trying to formulate an appropriate list in my head, and realized, I was not so busy, and equally content, but wondered if that would be an acceptable response when it was my turn.

I currently have a well balanced schedule, with just the right of time for work, play, practice and meditation…and I don’t feel “busy”, but rather, I feel “happy”.  When it was my turn, I replied that I was “happy”,  I didn’t complete a list, or note the things that were keeping this way  as I noticed it was the space and the silence creating the feeling of happiness.

I rode away with wonder and curiosity…is busy the new good?  If so, does busy mean we are happy?  When life is not so busy, and there is time to read a book with a coffee in the morning after a peaceful meditation, all before a day’s work, with time in the evening to play with friends, pick food from the garden and enjoy a home cooked meal before the night’s end.  When days feels spacious with time for wonder and curiosity, and certainly not busy, is it OK to respond “happy” noticing only the space that has created that happiness?  It certainly is worth a try!

Do you want to define your happiness by all that keeps you busy?

Busy is the new happy